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Lyon – Sochaux [Prediction]

March 29, 2013 0 Betting, Soccer, Sports

The last Ligue 1 match of this round is taking place on Sunday night, between Lyon and Sochaux. Lyon is the clear favorite of the game, and their victory is best awarded at William Hill, which offers odds of 1.50.

Lyon have been through a difficult time after the elimination from Europa League. The hosts have only 2 points won in the last 3 rounds of Ligue 1, and for the moment have lost contact with leaders PSG. Still, the team remains on the 2nd position with 53 points gained in all 29 rounds, and also with a very good goal average of 48 to 30. Until now they have established good results at home, imposing themselves in 9 of the 14 games, and only losing twice.

On the other hand, Sochaux can’t afford to aim too high. The guests are currently on the 18th position on the Ligue 1 chart after 29 rounds in which they collected only 28 points. Also, they have a very poor goal average of 30 to 46. Moreover, in this moment they are struggling to remain afloat, since they are only one point above the red line. The 14 times they had to play as guests in this championship, Sochaux have won only 2 times, and 4 out of the latest 5 matches disputed on foreign land, were lost.

In the last two years, these teams have met 4 times. Lyon imposed themselves 2 times, Sochaux one time and the other match ended in a 1-1 draw.

I think there shouldn’t be any doubt about who is going to win the match from Sunday. While Lyon are still fighting for the championship title, Sochaux are struggling hard to remain above the red line, without too many hopes. In addition, Lyon have the big advantage of playing at home. So I will bet 10 units on Lyon’s victory at 1.50. The odds were used from William Hill.  


Drogheda United – Bray Wanderers [Recap]

March 28, 2013 0 Betting, Soccer, Sports

Last Sunday, the Irish football team Drogheda United secured their first three points of the season in a tight fight against neighbours Bray Wanderers, which ended in a superb 2-1 Drogheda’s victory. The success achieved by Drogheda at Hunky Dorys Park brought me some extra cash, since I won the bet I placed on Drogheda at Bet365.

Bray broke the deadlock in the 15th minute, with the help of Jason Byrne. After that, a free kick sent by Eric Foley in the 55th minute levelled matters before Ryan Brennan scored the winning goal in the 79th minute.

Kieran ‘Marty’ Waters had the first opportunity of the match as he cut inside Shane Grimes, but Gabriel Sava immediately took advantage of his weak effort. Drogheda responded very quickly, and the neat approach started by David Cassidy led to a perfect opportunity for Ryan Brennan which was parried behind for a corner.

In the 25th minute, Drogheda United were awarded a penalty, after the left wing movement of Gavin Brennan lead to Cassidy being taken down by Gary Dempsey.

Drogheda‘s intense play put amazing pressure on the rival team the whole match, and there was no way Bray could beat them, in spite of continuous efforts. They pushed several players forward in hope of an equaliser and in spite of the five minutes of overtime, the home side didn’t budge for a deserved three points victory.

Result: +7 units, bet won

Atletico Madrid – Valencia [Prediction]

March 26, 2013 0 Betting, Soccer, Sports

On Sunday, Vicente Calderon Stadium will witness a special encounter between Atletico Madrid and Valencia. William Hill offers really high odds for this week’s La Liga games, including the one we’re presenting for you. Atletico Madrid’s confidence is boosted after their win over Osasuna, which allowed them to stay on the third place on the table, and just one point behind Real Madrid. Valencia approaches the game after a really easy win over Castellon, with a categorical 1-5.

Surprisingly enough Atletico Madrid managed to win only 2 of their last seven encounters, Valencia won three, including their last head to head game, and two games ended with a draw. Statistics point to a fairly equal share of numbers, but when you look at the conceded goals there is a difference of 16 goals, with Atletico Madrid having conceded only 24 with Valencia’s 40. Atletico’s biggest defeat was against Barcelona (1-4) and Valencia lost with a resounding 5-0 score against Real Madrid.

If we look at the squads we notice Ernesto Valverde will have to work without Piatti, Ricardo Costa and Victor Ruiz all out with injuries and no definite date for the return on the squad. Diego Simeone has only two major players sidelined: Tiago out with a broken arm and Juanfran suspended with the possibility to return on the 1 of April.

Some tips and predictions see Valencia as literally doomed to fail, while other sideline Atletico Madrid whose strength on their home field is beyond dispute. The match will take place at 21:00 GMT+1 and Vicente Calderon stadium should witness another great game.

I’m going to go with Atletico Madrid and bet 6 units at 1.75, odds from William Hill.

Caen – Istres [Recap]

March 26, 2013 0 Betting, Soccer, Sports

In our prediction for this game we suggested that Istres should up their game by a lot if they want to avoid relegation, and in a certain manner they either heard us or figured everything out on their own, because they didn’t make things easier for Caen, not even a little. I won 4.4 units from the bet placed on Caen’s victory with odds from Betfair.

While many expected Caen to just breeze through the game with a comfortable victory, the game was won during additional time with a goal by Caen’s captain Jeremy Sorbon. For the entire 90 minutes of the game, SC Caen was unable to find a breach in Istres defense, who were as courageous as their relegation depended directly on this game. A magnificent Denis Petric wasn’t enough to keep his team together rand secure it an important point, even though he successfully blocked several shots, including one from Alexandre Cuvillier and Livio Nabob in the 75th minute of the game.

Istres defeat seems somewhere logical, as it was extremely dangerous during the first half, with a great shot by Sid Yahia-Cherif (24 minute), but came out different in the second half. According to Joris Sainati “All matches are the same in the second half. We created a handful of opportunities, but we lacked the effectiveness to finish them. At this point every single goal we concede is fatal to our hopes of staying in the Ligue.”

With only 10 more games to play, both teams look differently, Caen might win this if they keep relying on making really effective player changes during the game, such as proved by this games substitution of Cullivier by Kuyung-Jung Kim. Entering the game in the 62nd minute, the midfielder boosted his team’s confidence on both flanks, and even came through with some breakthrough shots. Istres on the other hand is four places near the relegation area and if they don’t implement some changes, they might not make it through.

Result: +4.4 units, bet won

Drogheda United – Bray Wanderers [Prediction]

March 21, 2013 0 Betting, Soccer, Sports

Drogheda United comes from a 1-1 draw with Derry City; a match which they started brightly, but  didn’t manage to maintain a consistency of the game. Still, it was Derry City who created the best openings of the match, and after Ryan McBride scored for City in the 32nd minute, Mick Daly managed to reestablish the balance by scoring a late header in the 81st minute.

On the other hand, Bray Wanderers will join this match completely disappointed after a terrible 3-0 defeat suffered in front of Sligo Rovers last week. Two goals scored by Anthony Elding, and a stoppage strike by Kieran Djilali placed Slingo on the top of the Premier Division table.

Drogheda United won all last 3 head-to-head matches against Bray Wanderers, the last two with two 3-1 victories and the third one with 4-2. In addition, their latest results  were much more impressive and they proved to be more steady in play than their rivals from Sunday.

This being said, I have no doubt that Drogheda United has all the chances to win this confrontation against neighbors Bray Wanderers, so I am going to place a bet on Drogheda’s victory. I bet 10 units at 1.70, with odds from Bet365.

Caen – Istres [Prediction]

March 20, 2013 0 Betting, Soccer, Sports

Today I have a France Ligue 2 prediction for you; the best odds I could find were offered on Betfair.

On Sunday, Stade Michel d’Ornano will witness a game that many say provides little to no interest for the away team, as they find themselves on the 12th place in Ligue 2, and so far managed to escape relegation. Caen on the other hand is in third position in the Ligue 2 table – after Monaco, Nantes and Guigamp – and has the best defense of the season.

In their last seven head to head games, Caen won 4 times, 2 matches ended with a draw, and Istres had a 2-1 win. Their last encounter ended up with Caen’s 4-0 win, and games that end like that don’t give too much room for interpretation. In the 28 games from the league so far, Caen won 14, lost 8, and 6 matches ended with a draw, the team scoring 37 goals, and conceding 19, with 13 clean sheets; as opposed to Istres with 9 wins, 12 losses and 7 games ending with a draw and the same amount of clean sheets.

Istres needs to keep up playing better than say last season if it wants to avoid relegation, especially taking into account the fact that they have really bad results playing away losing 4 out of their 5 games. Caen is pretty confident in its force after having a solid run this season and hopes its best scorer Mathieu Duhamel scores at least once.

Neither teams have suspensions in the squad, but a few injured players that will miss the game; for Caen, Branko Lazarevic and Gregory Leca are both out with knee injuries; while for Istres, their best player Ibrahima Ba, who has been out of the game for a month, might miss the game due to his thigh injury.

The game was supposed to take place last week, but was postponed due really bad weather conditions, which in retrospective could mean more time to prepare the tactics for both teams. During a recent interview, Philippe Tranchant, Caen’s manager said:”Our only problem is that we concede goals during our key moments, and we need to work on that.”

Istres seem to have problems both in their defense and middle field, as well as they can’t seem to find a certain way to finalize all opportunities they have to score, that’s why they are expected to make another bad game, considering the fact that in their last 5 games they managed to score only once.

I will use 8 units to bet on Caen at 1.55.

Juventus – Bologna [Recap]

March 19, 2013 0 Betting, Soccer, Sports

On Saturday, Juventus made another huge step towards the championship title  by defeating Bologna with a 2-0 score. They took their time in the first half, but eventually managed to find their pace in the second, when they scored twice, and securing the win of my bet placed on their victory at 888sport.

Mirko Vučinić gave his team the lead in the 62nd minute, when he scored the first goal of the match. After that, everything seemed to go so naturally for the Old Lady, and the victory was granted in the 74th minute, when Claudio Marchiso doubled the advantage of his team.

Bologna, on the other hand, were patient in their play, maybe a bit resigned, as if they were waiting to receive a goal in every minute. Bologna had their chance after the break when the veteran goalkeeper of Juventus,  Gianluigi Buffon, left the net unguarded. That was a highly spectacular moment, when striker Alessandro Diamanti could have fructified the chance for his team if Giorgio Chiellini wouldn’t have intervened to deflect the shot of the midfielder over the bar and prevent the goal. 

The entire match Bologna seemed to play against a wall. With this victory, Juventus go 12 points clear at the top of Serie A, followed by rivals Napoli, who will have the chance to reduce the deficit this Sunday, in the match with Atalanta.

Result: +7 units, bet won


AC Milan – Palermo [Recap]

March 18, 2013 1 Betting, Soccer, Sports

AC Milan managed to teach a lesson on how to overcome a terrible week by playing at your best and having a strong, put-together team. After their defeat against Barcelona, Milan managed to win against Palermo, and boost their moral even further. Super Mario scored both goals, with the first being after just eight minutes after the start, coming from a penalty.

Milan were the much better team throughout the game, and gave Palermo little chances for any kind of game in their half of the field. Kevin Prince Boateng had a chance to score an amazing goal in the 17th minute, right before Steven von Bergen cut his efforts out.

Palermo requested a penalty, when according to them; Cristian Zapata touched the ball with his hand, while tipping it forward from Paulo Dybala, but the referee judged everything as being out of the penalty area. This caused an obvious frustration, and their mood stayed gloom for the entire game, as Josip Ilicic didn’t take advantage of a free kick to even the score.

Mario Balotelli had several other chances to score, but neither came to happen, up until the 66th minute, when even though Aronica deflected Niang’s shot, Balotelli was there with an amazing shot into the roof of the net, a thing which prompted Super Mario to say: “We want to win all our matches from here to the end of the season. I’m here to win and I have to do all I can to make sure this team wins. If I play I try and score and if I don’t score, I try and build up my teammates, some are even younger than me. Niang is a great player he just needs you to talk to him in a certain way. You have to explain that he has to do the easy things in some parts of the game and the difficult things in other parts. Of course, it can happen to me too to make mistakes.”

It was a good day for Milan, but their celebration might have been tampered, as Boateng was forced off the field in the last 10 minutes with a shoulder injury, as a result of a clash in the 49th minute with Andre Dias. Even if Boateng attempted to play afterwards it was visible his injury had more than he left for the fans to see.

As a result of Napoli’s win over Atalanta, Milan remain in third place in Serie A, but with 8 games to go, Rossoneri are hoping to climb up that second spot and go for a Champions League adventure, while Palermo continues to struggle on the 20th place.

Result: +6.48, bet won

Bologna – Juventus [Prediction]

March 15, 2013 1 Betting, Soccer, Sports

Juventus have the best defensive record in Serie A, being defeated only four times in the league this season. Their rivals from Saturday, Bologna, have defeated them only once in their last 11 confrontations, in February 2011.

Their last confrontation from the 31st of October ended in a superb 2-1 victory for Juventus. The sporting director of Juventus, Fabio Paratici was in charge for Bologna’s 3-0 victory against Cagliari on Sunday, to observe the midfielder Alessandro Diamanti.

The attacking midfielder was in excellent shape at the Renato Dall’Ara, when he scored his second goal of the match, bringing his total up to seven for this season.
Paratici has also noted the progress of the trio of the centre-back Ferderik Sorensen, winger Cristian Pasquato and striker Manolo Gabbiadini, who have made an impressive effort towards the end of second half stoppage time.

According to, the coach of Juventus, Antonio Conte highly believes that he could bring a different strategy to the squad. Diamanti, who is also haunted by Inter and Zenti St. Petersburg, is currently under contract with Bologna until 2017.

This being said, I deeply believe Juventus have all the chances to win this match against Bologna, so I am going to place 10 units on their victory at 1.70. The odds I used are from 888sport.

AC Milan – Palermo [Prediction]

March 13, 2013 1 Betting, Soccer, Sports

This time, for a change, I have a bet365 prediction for you. AC Milan will start the game with an advantage on paper, having won three out of four games, and are finding themselves on one of the places that pushes them towards the Champions League for next season. Depending on how they will play their game against Barcelona this week, it will either boost their morale or crush it, offering a small advantage to Palermo.

Palermo have only won 3 games in the entire season and find themselves 5 points short from safety of relegation, plus they have just rehired Giuseppe Sannino as their new coach for the rest of the season, just a few hours after they had let go of Gian Piero Gasperini, following their home defeat 2-1 to Siena on Sunday. Even though they went ahead before the break, when Anselmo fired at home and looked fairly certain to win the second half, Siena returned to hit back immediately and Emeghara equalized after 51 minutes. The game ended a few minutes later when Alessandro Rossina scored from the penalty spot.

Milan has some squad problems with Kevin Constant, who has received a one-game suspension after being sent-off at Genoa on Friday, and will miss the home match against Palermo on Sunday. The team is fairly convinced it is able to overtake the second spot in the league table and upset Napoli.

An interesting stat shows that 76% of Palermo’s conceded goals happened in the second half, that’s when they are most vulnerable, so a bet on Milan scoring in the first half wouldn’t be so far off. Since Palermo is also playing away, you should know that most of Palermo’s points have been earned on home soil, while AC Milan scored at least once in their last 8 games.
With that being said, I am going to side with AC Milan and bet 9 units at 1.72.