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Argentina – Costa Rica [Prediction]

July 11, 2011 1 Betting, Soccer

Prediction: Argentina wins 2-1

Odds: 1/5

Match date: July 11

Stadium: Estadio Mario Alberto Kempes



The much anticipated match is about to take place just hours from now. The Copa America tournament has been an interesting series of games so far, and thus we can be sure to watch some real action tonight.  So far the hosts of Copa America haven’t had much luck, scoring as little as 2 points from the two games they played already (two draws in a row).  This game is especially important for Argentinians, since if they fail to beat their opponent, they will have to face elimination from the tournament.

On the other hand, we have Costa Rica, who began the tournament with a loss to Colombia. This failure probably rather motivated the team than discouraged them, because in the following game against Bolivia they won 2-0.  With this score so far, Costa Rica is merely a point away from advancing to the next stage, but more importantly, dumping Argentina out of Copa America.

Messi, Argentina’s wonderchild and allegedly “the best player on the planet” turned out to be a big disappointment so far, failing to perform to expect levels in this tournament. His father, Jorge, attributes his son’s poor performance to “terrible pressure”, since Argentina’s playing high stakes here – they’re fighting for the first big trophy since 1993.

As for Argentina, their most likely starting formation will be: Sergio Romero; Pablo Zabaleta, Nicolas Burdisso, Gabriel Milito, Javier Zanetti; Gago, Javier Mascherano; Aguero, Lionel Messi, Di Maria; Higuain.

What about Costa Rica? Here we have a team with basically nothing to lose, as there were REALLY few people that actually thought they might even score a winning game in this tournament. They will certainly try their best in the upcoming match, but I don’t think they have much chance against Argentina.  Despite Messi’s poor performance, let’s not forget that Argentina has a really strong team. Even if their performance is poor in this game, they are most likely to win.  And that’s why I’m putting 1 unit on Argentina tonight!



Brazil – USA [Prediction]

July 9, 2011 0 Betting, Soccer

Prediction: o2.5 and, if you’re a risk-taker, o3.5

Stake: 9/10 and 11/5

Match date: July 10

Stadium: Dresden


Here we are, ahead of one of the highlights of this entire Women’s World Cup edition! Two of the best teams in the world will battle for a place in the semis tomorrow, in Dresden. USA, the world’s top ranked team will try to overcome the failure of their last group game, while Brazil are determined to win their first Women’s World Cup ever!

With 3 victories, 7 goals scored and none received, Brazil is by far the best-looking team of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011. They’ve been producing great goals, superb victories and the girls are more determined than ever to go for the title. Marta has been playing up to her title of the world’s best player, scoring 2 and assisting 2 more. But Brazil is not just about her: 2 other Brazilians, Rosana and Cristiane, have each scored 2 goals. This shows the team effort that went in the 3 victories so far. And the Brazilians are not looking tired at all: they want to crown their outstanding form, and what better way to do that than with a victory over the world’s best women’s football team?

USA, on the other hand, don’t look so good. They must have had a great 4th of July, when they were already qualified in the quarter finals, with 2 victories out of 2. Then came the game against Sweden. They lost 2 to 1. Though they still have real chances of going further, they are now forced to face Brazil with no momentum at all. Add to that the fact that the Swedes showed the Americans what problems they have in their defense. And the Brazilians surely noticed them, and will look to take advantage of them. It’s up to the coach to make the right changes at the back to ensure Marta and her friends are safely kept at bay.

Both teams have juicy stakes, with Brazil as the favorite at 5/4, while the US has 39/20. Both teams have great goalscoring abilities, so an OVER here would be very much recommended. Take the O2.5 at 9/10, and if you’re daring, take the O3.5 at a much juicier 11/5. I’m taking both at 2 units each!

Sweden – Australia [Prediction]

July 9, 2011 0 Betting, Soccer

Prediction: Victory at one-goal difference.

Stake: 7/5

Match date: July 10

Stadium: Augsburg


Ahead of tomorrow’s quarter final game in Augsburg, a lot of people are still surprised to see these two teams in this position. Both Sweden and Australia produced shock results (in a good way) in their last group games. Now that the two teams proved they could take on any adversary, no matter how big, will they be able to take on one another? And what will the outcome be then?

Sweden is a “regular” in the quarter finals. They’ve always reached at least this stage. In 2003 they got so far as the final, which they lost against Germany. After two, single-goal victories against modest teams such as Canada and Nigeria, the Swedish girls gave their Nordic fans what they came there for, smashing USA, the world’s best team, 2-1! Although they’re favorites ahead of the quarter finals, the Swedes shouldn’t be too drunk with their own glory, otherwise the Matildas will do to them what they’ve done to their Nordic neighbors, the Norwegians.

Looking at the Australian side, we see a pretty optimistic and determined team, with not much to lose. This is their second-ever qualification to the quarter finals, after the one in 2007. Further than this, no Matildas ever went. Though this is a chance to write history, the Aussies are aware that they are the lowest-ranked team in the quarter finals (ranked 11th in the world), and that they’re facing a far more technical and experienced adversary. But they can dream! And they can look back at what they achieved last year by winning the AFC Women’s Asian Cup, or more recently by coming back into the game and defeating World cup holders Norway.

Objectively speaking, the pressure is higher for the Swedes to win this one. They’re favorites at the bookies, but that doesn’t make them a safe bet. Observing their previous preformances, my football prediction and betting tip for this one is that the game will end at one goal difference. I’m thinking of a 2-1 or 1-0 for Sweden. So I’m going to bet 2 units on a one goal difference victory at 7/5 stakes!

England – France [Prediction]

July 8, 2011 1 Betting, Soccer

Prediction: France to win

Stake: 6/5

Match date: July 9

Stadium: Leverkusen


The long-awaited duel between England and France was made possible especially by a firm 2-0 British victory against Japan. England thus won the prize of delaying the serious threat of facing Germany for the semis. However, though France are ranked lower than Japan, England themselves are ranked lower than France. And considering the two teams’ performance so far, it is nearly impossible to predict a likely outcome!

The English come after a confident 2-0 win over Japan, a display of defensive power and attacking genius. The Brits managed to keep the Japanese attack at bay, while taking advantage of their defensive holes to infiltrate, and to score. England didn’t lose any game so far, but they drew against Mexico in their first game and had a tough time coming back in the New Zealand game. Though they confirmed their abilities against Japan, they will have to do it again, and with larger stakes, against a thirsty France.

France, the world’s 8th best team is under great pressure at the moment. They lost 2-4 to Germany in their previous game, and their first-choice goalkeeper Sapowicz is suspended. They will have to go with the backup, and that won’t help morale. Plus, will they be able to handle pressure? They didn’t show that against Germany, and a lot of French girls in the squad were brought from the U19 team. A successful experiment, given that this French Team won the Euro championship in 2009. But can the youngsters cope with the pressures of a quarter final?

To wrap it up, a more optimistic England size will face a younger and more determined French side. I am leaning towards France to win this one, seen the problems that they made for the Germans even in 10 people. Especially if they score early in the game. We saw England takes a lot of time for catching up when they’re being lead. So a 6/5 stake for a French victory looks attractive enough for 2 units.


Germany – Japan [Prediction]

July 8, 2011 0 Betting, Sports

Prediction: both to score, o2.5

Stake:1/1, 3/5

Match day: July 9

Stadium: Wolfsburg


The winners of Group A, Germany will face Japan, runners-up of Group B in front of tens of thousands of spectators that are expected to attend on Wolfsburg arena tomorrow at 20.45 local time. Winner of the last two Women’s World Cup, Germany will face a team that has yet to defeat an European rival, but nevertheless ranked 4th best team in the world. The two teams’ last encounter was in 2008 in Beijing, when Germany won by 2-0.

Germany are the clear favorites ahead of this quarter final. First, because they are the tournament organizers, thus receiving much more support from the fans than any other team in the competition. Second, because they won the last TWO World Cups! And third, because they’re ranked as the second-best team in the world, after the USA. The Germans are in great shape, winning all 3 matches so far and smashing France 4-2 in their last game. Don’t put too much thought into the last game, some say. The French fought in 10 towards the end, and one of the goals was due to a penalty. Even so, the Germans are clearly strong, with 7 goals scored so far and aggressive possession strategies.

Japan is the underdog in this match. They come after a 2-0 defeat against England, which showed them how vulnerable the empty spaces in their defense are. With 6 goals scored and 2 victories until now, the Japanese have showed good teamwork and great attacking skills. Their defense though, when breached, can cancel out the attacking advantage. England proved it to them, and they have show Germany that they learned their lesson.

Both teams are great goalscorers, each having scored 6 or more goals so far. There is no reason why they shouldn’t bring that apetite to the quarter final game. Japan, with its speedy flank attacks is sure to create problems in the German defense. But if these attacks fail, the Japanese are vulnerable to the strong German midfield and its tactics. My betting tip and match prediction is for both teams to score. I’m staking 2 units on that at 1/1 odds on Bwin. Also, GO WITH THE OVER 2.5 at 3/5. I’m staking 3 more units on that!