The semifinals of the Greek Cup

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The first of the semifinals of the Greek cup is to be played tonight in Nea Smyrni between Panionios and PAOK. The game will begin at 7:30 p.m. GMT +3 and it will be in the shadow of last Sunday’s events when the big derby between PAOK and Olympiacos was not played after the head coach of the visitors was hit by an object and was taken to the hospital. This situation threatens PAOK with a deduction of up to 6 pix from the table and it is certain that it will have affected their psychology for this match as well.

In normal conditions this would be a close and hard fought confrontation just like all the others between the two sides over the recent years. Maybe one goal for or from either side would be the final result. The highest probability would be on the visitors’ side as they clearly have the best team. However, the home team’s defensive line has been impressively difficult to break this season.

For the statistics lovers it would be useful to say that the home side has not lost a match at home at the last 8 games for all competitions. A similar statistic goes for the visitors as well who have not lost a game for the past 4 months. These statistics alone speak to what kind of a game we’ll have tonight.

I will make two suggestions on this one. The first one says that one way or the other the visitors will win and the second ones is that there will be fewer than 2 goals scored. At this time The best odds for the Greek cup semifinals are offered by Sbobet at 1,79 for the victory of PAOK and 1,97 for the under 2 goals market.

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