Schalke 04 – Hamburger SV [Prediction]

After the dramatic defeat suffered last year on the 27th of November at Imtech Arena in front of Hamburger, Schalke 04 are eager to take revenge this Sunday on the 28th of April. Since Schalke’s game has improved a lot since their last confrontation with Hamburger, I think it would be reasonable to place a bet on Schalke’s win, and I am going to do this using the odds provided by Betfair, which are the highest I could find for this particular match.

As I have already mentioned, in the last head-to-head confrontation between these two teams, Schalke weren’t very lucky. Maybe because of too much self-confidence, by the end of that match they were behind with a 2-0 score. It was in the 80th minute when Klaas-Jan Huntelaar eventually scored the goal of honor for Schalke, but the 2-goal difference was reestablished 12 minutes later, when Milan Badelj added the decisive goal for Hamburger.

In addition, Schalke also believe that the future results of the team depend on the club’s ability to conserve their key players. As a consequence, Schalke intends to extend Jermaine Jones’s contract; but until then, Schalke need to remain focused with every single match. For this weekend, I am going to choose Schalke as undeniable favorite of this match, so I will bet 6 units on their victory at 1.66, with odds from Betfair.

Schalke 04: Team’s formation


Hamburger: Team’s formation


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  1. Dolce April 26, 2013 at 8:19 am - Reply

    Now that The Hunter is back from his injury (–86-86-.html) I have no doubt that Schalke will feel comfortable enough to win this game with Hamburger SV.

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