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England – Japan [Prediction]

July 4, 2011 0 Betting, Soccer

Prediction: Japan  to win

Stake: 11/10

Match date: July 5

Stadium: Augsburg


The last game of Group B between England and Japan is a chance for the British to ensure their participation in the quarter finals, while it’s a training ground for the Japanese to try out new tactics ahead of their quarter final game against either France or Germany. The two teams are currently top 2 in Group B, with Japan leading the way with 6 points, while Britain lags behind at 4 points. Nevertheless, the Brits have a safe, 3-point cushon in front of the mexicans. This means that a draw against the Asians tomorrow will buy them the ticket to the next round.

The first thing that comes to mind ahead of tomorrow’s game is the clash between these two teams in the 2007 edition of FIFA Women’s World Cup in China. Japan took the lead early in the game at 1-0, and only in the last 10 minutes of the game could the British score 2 (great) goals, bringing the score to 1-2. To their dispair, in added time the Japanese scored again and leveled the game.  That gives England the reputation of never having defeated Japan, and Japan the reputation of never having beaten any European team.

The Japanese have a great weapon: their attack, which brought them 6 goals (6!) in the first two matches. And they only conceded one. Whereas the British have had to struggle at the midfield against both Mexico and New Zealand. This will be a crucial factor ahead of tomorrow’s game. And it is one that I think will seal the faith of the match. At odds of 11/10 for a Japanese victory, I’m willing to stake 3 units on it!

Nadal – Djokovic Wimbledon 2011 final [Recap]

July 3, 2011 2 Betting, Sports

Djokovic won the Wimbledon 2011 Final in what was perhaps his best game ever! The clash between the two best players of the world was very intense, with beautiful balls and high-precision shots from both sides. Djokovic’s movement across the field and his (slightly superior) precision helped him win the first two sets 6-4 and 6-1.

Nadal came furiosly back into the game in the third set, winning 1-6. Nevertheless, he was unable to keep the same game quality in the next set, and Djokovic took advantage of his loose movement to deliver some precise near-corner shots that won him the last set, and with that his first grass-court title! Not to mention this is Djokovic’s first Wimbledon victory!

This victory makes Djokovic stand at 48 victories and 1 defeat this first half year. And what a first half year it has been! He defeated Nadal 5 times so far, and until now Nadal was the best tennis player of the world. This day was so important that even the Serbian president came to London to see Djokovic win. Nadal admitted that he was defeated by the best player in the world, while Djokovic started eating grass and sending his rackets into the crowd in joy!

This match has definitely been a great ending to a great Wimbledon 2011 edition! Now that it’s over, you can still bet on sports this summer, but not that soon on tennis though. I’d recommend you check the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011, which is happening these days!

Nadal – Djokovic Wimbledon 2011 final [Prediction]

July 3, 2011 1 Betting

Here we are at the end of this year’s Wimbledon tournament, one of the most prestigious tennis competitions in the world. After yesterday’s women final, we are left with only one match for today, and the most important one for most men in the audience: the final between Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

The two contenders have had to overcome slight injuries, and the attention here goes to Nadal, who suffered an injury in his (brilliant) semi-final tennis game against Murray. The Englishman showed an exceptional form, but unfortunately Nadal proved better in the end, and the game had to be decided in the 4th set.

On the other side, Djokovic comes after a hard-fought victory against Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, the Frenchman who surprisingly (but actually not that surprisingly considering his form against Djokovic) eliminated Roger Federer. Djokovic has won seven titles over the last six months, and this includes the Australian Open. He’s just been defeated once, in the Roland Garros semi-final against Federer. On the other hand, he played Nadal four times this year, all in Masters finals, and won every time.

Today, in the Wimbledon 2011 final, Nadal will seek revenge for the four losses (and four lost title opportunities) inflicted by the Serbian. Sadly, they play on grass, which is not really Nadal’s favorite ground. But even on clay he lost twice to Djokovic, so the surface should not be an excuse today.

However this game goes down, Djokovic will become the new #1 in the ATP World Rankings, even after a Spanish victory. The sheer number of points earned by the Serbian this year are too much for Nadal’s 3 titles, regardless of his flawless Wimbledon performance. In fact, Nadal hasn’t lost a match in Wimbledon since his 2007 final defeat. From then on came a 20-game winning streak for Nadal that has yet to be stopped. Maybe by Djokovic?

My money here goes on Djokovic: he’s clearly in his best form so far, and his morale and stamina should give Nadal a very hard time. Plus, Nadal’s slight injury will be visible late in the game, in his disadvantage. I expect Djokovic to win this one, and so does SportsBlogTipster in his post here. So bet with us! I’m betting 2 units for a Djokovic victory!

Posts from blogroll partners

June 13, 2011 0 News

I’m back after a long while of being off the field. I didn’t get too much action lately, except for maybe a little bit in the last games of the European leagues. And some international friendlies as well. But other than that, I didn’t bet that often. Played some poker every now and then on Bwin, but I’ve yet to go positive on my bankroll there.

Summer is close and all leagues are already finished. Some great football especially in  Holland and Spain this year, and I’m looking forward to the other international friendlies for the summer. And to the beach, of course! And maybe to be writing some more on here.

I’ve decided to dedicate this post to my partners, whom I follow from time to time and sometimes comment on their posts too. Here are some recent posts that I found interesting and I’d definitely recommend:

Elisa from ForzaFutbol describes in this post about her trip to see the USA – Spain friendly. Though the match was close to a disaster for the US team, she met a lot of sports bloggers and fans, and took a lot of pictures! Great to see so much enthusiasm for a national friendly game!

Sameer from Let’s Kick Off gives a short intro on the Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, which turned out to be a very exciting race, for F1 fans or haters alike! Good post, now waiting for his opinion on the final race.

SoccerWrapUp posted an image of the new Real Madrid outfit for the following season, featuring Kaka. I’m more surprised that Kaka is in that picture, maybe more than the actual new outfit. You should really see the pic, the black lines have been replaced by gold, and overall it’s worse, though the collar looks like an old-school polo shirt’s.

Man City 1 – 0 Stoke [Recap]

May 17, 2011 0 Betting, Soccer

The FA Cup Final this year was not as entertaining as you would expect an FA Cup Final to be. Of course, the two teams are not really “big names” in the Premier League. In fact, it’s the first time that Stoke City made it into the final. As expected, both teams played defensively, with just one score deciding the winner.

Manchester City were clearly the more confident side, taking control early in the game. Stoke, were all over the place for the first half an hour, not really sure whether they should attack or defend. There were some occasions, but nothing important for them. Man City had some good opportunities, but their defensive style didn’t go well with their now-atacking position.

The second half started with a more determined Stoke team. However, Nigel de Jong was there at midfield to stop most of their actions. On the other side, Man City had good opportunities through Silva (missing the target a few times from nearby) and Balotelli. Finally, the victory goal arrived in the 75th minute from a general confusion inside Stoke’s penalty area which saw the ball going at Yaya Toure. The Cameroon national rocketed a powerful volley straight into the back net, with no chance whatsoever for Stoke’s keeper.

So ends Man City’s 36-year old thirst for trophies, and we’ll see them again in Champions League next season. If I’m not mistaken, it’s their first appearance there. Oh well, my two sports bets paid off this time. I bet on a low-scoring game, with 3 units on u2.5 which brought me an extra 2 units. Then I favoured Man City to win for 4 units, and that brought me 3.64 units. So 5.64 units in total. A good day, I must say 😀 Stay with the winner folks!