Hamburg – Leverkusen [Recap]

Bundesliga went out with a bang, the 2012-2013 edition had its fair share of records, but also disappointments, one of which was Hamburg, who lost their last home game to Leverkusen and thus failed to secure a Europa league spot. They were the better team, with the biggest chances and a Rene Adler in a great shape against his former club.

Leverkusen had one of the first openings in the game through Hegeler, but Adler was right in the spot to deflect the shot. Several minutes later van der Vaart was denied the goal by one of Leverkusen’s stoppers when he was only 5 meters from the target. Even though Leverkusen could have scored before break, Stefan Kiessling’s volley was once again deflected by Rene Adler. After the break he stopped another shot by Andre Schurrle, and had several amazing saves, but everything crashed on the 90th minute when Sidney Sam passed the ball to Kiessling who had one of the easiest tasks.

This way Kiessling (pictured below) scored his 25th goal of the season and won the title of top Bundesliga scorer, with just one goal above Dortmund’s Robert Lewandowski, who was poised to win the title for the entire season. Leverkusen is sure to need him in Champions League, and he looked mighty happy to have won the prize for the work that sent his team right up with the giants of the German football.

Seeing as Leverkusen managed to win their last Bundesliga game, I managed to win the bet placed on a Bayer Leverkusen’s victory with odds from bet365, thus winning 8.05 units.

Result: +8.05 units, bet won

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