Hamburg – Bayer Leverkusen [Prediction]

This Saturday Bundesliga’s last game session of the anniversary season will feature a game for which bet365 provides the best odds.

Hamburger SV won in Hoffenheim with 4-1, and dominated the game through the whole 90 minute span. They are still hoping to snatch a last minute ticket to Bundesliga’s Europe train, provided they get some extra help from Wolfsburg who is set to play against Eintracht Frankfurt. Hamburg was without Berg, Arslan and Kacar, but welcomed back its main goalkeeper Rene Adler and defender Aogo.

Leverkusen also won their last home game against Hannover and has 62 points on the Bundesliga table. Jens Hegeler scored twice and Kiessling helped Leverkusen up to 3 goals, but Hannover wanted to challenge that and scored their only goal on the 71 minute. Now that they have secured the third spot on the table and the last direct Champions’ League group spot, they allowed themselves to celebrate the win and the subsequent good run in the Bundesliga together with their most loyal fans.

The last head-to-head game ended with Leverkusen’s 3-0 victory, where Stefan Kiessling scored three fantastic goals, one of them came from a shot that went over Rene Adler and pierced the net. While Hamburg still had the chance to change the course of the game after the first goal, their efforts stopped in Bernd Leno’s hands.

The game begins at 14:30, GMT+1 on Saturday and I’m going to bet 7 units on Leverkusen’s win at 2.15 with odds from bet365.

Hamburg: Team’s Formation

R. Adler
H. Westermann
M. Mancienne
D. Aogo
J. Bruma
P. Jiráček
M. Badelj
M. Jansen
H. Son
R. van der Vaart
A. Rudnevs

Bayer Leverkusen: Team’s Formation

B. Leno
O. Toprak
P. Wollscheid
M. Kadlec
D. Schwaab
S. Reinartz
S. Rolfes
L. Bender
K. Bellarabi
A. Schürrle
S. Kießling

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