France – Germany [Prediction]

Prediction: Draw

Stake: 14/5

Match day: July 5

Stadium: Mochengladbach


The highlight of Group A and, along with the Sweden – USA game, the highlight of the group stage is the classic clash between France and Germany. The two teams met 9 times so far in official FIFA Women’s World Cup games, out of which the Germans won 7 and their neighbors won only 2. This game finds both teams already qualified, each having 6 points, but with France doing a lot better goal-wise than their rivals. With 5 goals scored and none conceded, France have truly revolutionized their game since the last World Cup, while Germany, the tournament’s host, hasn’t been performing as “entertaining” as expected.

Looking at the two previous matches, both teams have had a hard time with Nigeria, each managing to win by a mere 1 goal to none. Canada was different: the Germans finished the first half completely dominating the game and scoring 2 goals, but in the second half they lost concentration and the Canadians managed to score one themselves. France, on the other hand, had the whole game into their hands, comfortably getting past their North American rivals with a 4-0 victory.

The morale is good for both teams, although France is slightly better here. That’s because while they have the whole team to count on, the Germans will probably have to do without Melanie Behringer, injured against Nigeria, and Linda Bresonik, out with stomach problems. On the other hand, the crowds will be decisive in adding momentum to the German side, especially towards the end.

It’s going to be a fun game to watch, and definitely a crucial game for the rest of the World Cup. The winner here will most probably battle Japan. Odds look good for a draw on Bwin, so I will stake 2 units on a draw. Not that I’m afraid to pick a clear winner, it’s just that both teams will be happy with a draw, and they’re almost equally matched.

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