FIFA&UEFA Tournaments

FIFA&UEFA Tournaments overview

The blissful feeling of lifting the trophy over your head is nowhere more prominent than at the major tournaments such as UEFA European Championship, FIFA World Cup, UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League. These wonderful contests not only attract millions of fans but also lure thousands of gamblers looking to profit from the highly contested matches. If you ask any experienced punter what was his first ever bet, the majority will recall FIFA betting as their earliest gambling experience.

Here, at we recognize the enormous betting potential these elite tournaments could bring to your table; that’s why we have created this short overview to walk you through the main characteristics of each competition. If you are a novice to football/soccer betting, you may suffer from information overload. This quick guide will let you have an insight in the large world of FIFA Tournaments. Of course you will need a betting account after you have compiled a good amount of knowledge. We advise you to open an original betting account via betting broker and get started immediately!

FIFA World Cup

world cup trophy The FIFA World Cup is the tournament of all tournaments. It’s the place where childhood dreams become reality, it’s the competition that attracts millions of viewers, and it’s arguably the biggest sporting event on the planet. Held once in 4 years, FIFA World Cup is enriched with history. The first World Cup tournament took place in Uruguay in 1930 and saw thirteen teams competing for the trophy. The hosts won the final match becoming the first nation to claim the famous “world champions” status. Nowadays, the World Cup features 32 nations from 6 continents.  The matches are being played in the state-of-the-art venues with impeccable pitches that allow players to showcase their skills and technical ability. When betting on World Cup games, you should always keep in mind a few simple stats and facts.

  • Brazil are the most successful national team with 5 World Cups under their belt. They are always placed among the favourites and are expected to reach at least the semi-finals of the competition.
  • Italy and Germany are the most successful European nations with 4 world cups in the trophy cabinet.
  • Germany is the first European team that won a World Cup held on the North American or South American continent.
  • Netherlands are the biggest underachievers of the competition having lost three World Cup finals.
  • The next World Cup will be hosted by Russia.

With the excitement it brings, bettors are always thrilled when it is time for FIFA World Cup. If you are also getting excited, please check the best free tips via betting agent.

UEFA Euro is the landmark international competition of the old continent. It is similar to the World Cup in terms of structure and format. The 14 European Championship tournaments have been won by 9 different national teams: Germany and Spain each have won three titles. In 2016 the tournament will be expanded from 16 to 24 nations and will be hosted by France. Experts and fans believe the event is of a higher quality than the World Cup due to its participants being extremely competitive. Euro matches are usually contested with a high tempo and plenty of goals. Below are some pointers you need to be aware of when betting on European Championship.

  • The hosts usually fail to deliver on the big stage, Spain being the only domestic champions back in 1964.
  • A one-goal margin of victory is the most common outcome in the final, seven teams having won by a single goal since the tournament started in 1960.
  • European matches are high-scoring affairs so keep your eyes on over 2.5 goals odds. If you are having trouble in understanding Asian handicaps and odds, we suggest you to have a look at free asian handicap calculator.

UEFA Champions League

champions league trophy

UEFA Champions League is the annual competition contested by the best clubs in Europe. It is by far the most prestigious and financially rewarding tournament. Thirty-two teams enter the event in early September with the winner being decided in late May.

Real Madrid have won the competition a record number of 9 times, while AC Milan, Liverpool, Barcelona and Bayern Munich have done it at least 4 times. The tournament’s long format allows you to build your betting strategies around its matches. Here are a few valuable tips to help you make the right decision.

  • The EFA Champions League group stages are straight-forward, with bigger teams trying to advance to the next round as soon as possible.
  • It’s not advisable to bet on matches when there is nothing to play for. Such scenarios happen when both teams have secured their qualification or are already eliminated. If you think it still worths trying, we suggest you to have a look at the best betting platform with multiple bookmakers, as it offers the best odds with best limits.
  • No team has managed to defend its title since the new format of the Champions League.

UEFA Europa League

The former UEFA Cup is nowadays perceived by fans and bigger clubs as an inferior completion and a waste of time. UEFA has always tried to improve its image and the last rebranding has definitely made it more attractive. Europa League offers you tons of matches to bet on. It stretches from late summer to late may and welcomes in spring the Champions League teams that come 3rd in their respective groups.

  • Don’t put you hopes on the big teams involved in the competition. They usually prioritize their domestic leagues and play with reserves or second string. Manchester United, Manchester City, Internazionale are just a few names that haven’t got past the quarter-finals in the last seasons.
  • Eastern European teams have good value when being underdogs and playing at home. Keep your eye on the Russians, Ukrainians and Serbians.
  • The Portuguese have made the competition their home in the last couple of seasons with constant appearances in semi-finals and finals.

That concludes our FIFA tournaments overview. This information may seem routine but it’s amazing how many gamblers ignore it. Find more detailed information about the mentioned competitions in their respective sections. Follow the best FIFA tips from us, and you’ll always be in the driving seat. If you haven’t decided your bookmaker yet, check listing of the best Asian Bookmakers and get professional help!

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