Catania – Siena [Prediction]

Catania and Siena will meet this Sunday on Stadio Angelo Massimino to try and save one of them from relegation and the other one to redeem themselves in front of fans after the latest defeat. Betfair provides the odds for this game this time.

The visitors are still crushed after the 4-0 defeat against AS Roma, where one of Roma’s players, Pablo Daniel Osvaldo singlehandedly brought the victory to Rome when he scored a hat trick to erase that pitiful 1-1 draw to the already relegated Pescara. After this result Siena is already in the relegation zone, and their further games don’t offer many chances to stay in Serie A next season, but then again – football miracles happened before when nobody believed in them.

Catania also comes after a 4-2 defeat against AC Milan, where the Rossonerri had to come back twice from a goal to beat the 9th placed team in a game where you couldn’t really tell who was supposed to be the winner seeing as Catania was in great shape, and took the lead on the table after their first real chance to score. AC Milan still managed to win in the end, but Catania left a good impression on both their fans and their opponents including through the performance of Alberto Frison who had his first performance ever for Catania as a result of the suspension of Mariano Andujar.

The latest game between these two teams ended up with Catania’s victory, despite the fact that back then Catania had had a pretty bad Serie A run. They managed to create several good scoring chances, and even came back from a goal to win in the end those much desired three points. Seeing as Catania won the majority of their points at home, it will be quite entertaining to see if the visitors prove to be a challenge and manage to snatch a point in their quest to avoid Serie B.

The game is scheduled for 14:00, GMT+1, and I’m hoping Catania manages to keep up the pace set during the game with Milan and win, that’s why I’m betting 6 units at 2.24 odd from Betfair.


Catania: Team’s formation


Siena: Team’s formation


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