Caen – Istres [Prediction]

Today I have a France Ligue 2 prediction for you; the best odds I could find were offered on Betfair.

On Sunday, Stade Michel d’Ornano will witness a game that many say provides little to no interest for the away team, as they find themselves on the 12th place in Ligue 2, and so far managed to escape relegation. Caen on the other hand is in third position in the Ligue 2 table – after Monaco, Nantes and Guigamp – and has the best defense of the season.

In their last seven head to head games, Caen won 4 times, 2 matches ended with a draw, and Istres had a 2-1 win. Their last encounter ended up with Caen’s 4-0 win, and games that end like that don’t give too much room for interpretation. In the 28 games from the league so far, Caen won 14, lost 8, and 6 matches ended with a draw, the team scoring 37 goals, and conceding 19, with 13 clean sheets; as opposed to Istres with 9 wins, 12 losses and 7 games ending with a draw and the same amount of clean sheets.

Istres needs to keep up playing better than say last season if it wants to avoid relegation, especially taking into account the fact that they have really bad results playing away losing 4 out of their 5 games. Caen is pretty confident in its force after having a solid run this season and hopes its best scorer Mathieu Duhamel scores at least once.

Neither teams have suspensions in the squad, but a few injured players that will miss the game; for Caen, Branko Lazarevic and Gregory Leca are both out with knee injuries; while for Istres, their best player Ibrahima Ba, who has been out of the game for a month, might miss the game due to his thigh injury.

The game was supposed to take place last week, but was postponed due really bad weather conditions, which in retrospective could mean more time to prepare the tactics for both teams. During a recent interview, Philippe Tranchant, Caen’s manager said:”Our only problem is that we concede goals during our key moments, and we need to work on that.”

Istres seem to have problems both in their defense and middle field, as well as they can’t seem to find a certain way to finalize all opportunities they have to score, that’s why they are expected to make another bad game, considering the fact that in their last 5 games they managed to score only once.

I will use 8 units to bet on Caen at 1.55.

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