Live Betting

Introduction to Live betting!

betting adviceLive betting, which is also called in-play betting, is quite a new trend in the sports betting industry. It is opposed to the traditional fixed odds betting and as it always happens, it has its advantages and disadvantages.

Live betting offers its followers the thrill and excitement of real-time wagering, so if you want to experience something new and stirring, you should definitely try live betting. But first make sure that you have high risk tolerance, because live betting requires strong decision making skills and clear unbiased judgment.

Live betting was first offered at horse racing, but nowadays it is available for several more sports and, of course, more locations. It is favored mostly by people who are capable of handling excitement and preferring to rattle their nerves from time to time.

Live betting became possible due to the overall spread of the Internet. It has become easier to bet on your favorite team in real time, because you don’t have to run to the closest bookmaker office. On the contrary, you have a unique opportunity to be present at the game/match/race, enjoy its thrill and excitement, and place the bets online.

It is worth noting that live betting falls into the category of daring experience, because it requires strong will, cold unbiased judgment and instant reaction. You should take into consideration that live bets are placed in real time, and they can also be traded. However, the level of the risk in case of live betting is extremely high. Try Live Betting at Betfair.

Placing a bet in advance generally means less risk, because in this case you have enough time to think over your decision, consider all pros and contras, check the available information and so on. Usually you lay a wager in advance with a cooler head, and that’s the main advantage of this kind of betting. As for the live betting, you can place a really stupid bet in the heat of the moment, and you will end up drying up your bankroll.

live betting

Despite the overall spread of the Internet, live betting is not a common practice in all kinds of sports. For example, in case of the UFC, live betting is not accepted. Nevertheless, the fans of this option still have lots of other sports at their disposal, where they would have an opportunity to experience the thrill and excitement of real time betting.

You should take into consideration that live betting is executed by means of online bookmakers, rather than in an actual offline bookmaker office. Before trying this kind of betting, make sure of learning the rules carefully, because some additional commissions and fees may be required.

Most punters consider that placing bets in-play is a kind of an art form, and it takes a great deal of experience and knowledge in order to get prepared for placing money in these markets. If you intend to try it out yourself, you should have a deep insight in the sports discipline you’re betting on – it is crucial for successful and profitable betting, not only live. Besides that, you should be able to predict the outcome of the game/race, and only in this case live betting will bring you substantial dividends along with the thrill and excitement.

Probably the most popular sport where live betting is particularly preferred is soccer. It is considered to be the world’s game for lots of reasons, first of them being the unrivaled passion and excitement it brings. Live betting has recently become a part of various football matches, because there is no other sport which can be considered as unpredictable as football. It takes only a couple of seconds to score a goal, and in this case placing wagers live can come in handy.
In-play betting usually adds excitement and vehemence to the game, but besides that it gives a significant advantage to the bettor. And here are several arguments in favor of live betting. According to the statistics, most of the top level football matches remain goalless at half-time; consequently, live betting gives a brilliant opportunity to make money. It is impossible to predict the outcome of the game with 100% probability, but if you’re placing bets real-time, you would have more chances to succeed.

It is up to you whether to stick to the traditional fixed odds betting, or to choose the more exciting and spontaneous live betting. But before choosing either, consider all the possible pros and cons.

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