10 Golden Rules

Sports Betting – 10 Golden Rules

top 10 rulesThe betting world is not one that guides itself after the “veni, vidi, vici” (I came, I saw, I won) formula; to be successful here, you need to understand what are you getting yourself into.

There is no book that will tell you, word by word, how to become successful in betting, but there are some tips that could help you along the way. But before all of these tips, you need to have a betting account to put everything into practice. Our suggestion? Open a betting account via betting agent and start to earn now!

Tips for your betting success

Rule #1: Understand the sport 

Start treating sports betting as a job. Granted, it will be one that will bring you joy, but you still need to work for it. Research everything you can find about the team you’re going to bet on, about the players, the injuries in the squad etc.

Tips for your betting success

Rule #2: Set yourself a limit 

Of course, you already have a budget set aside for betting, as well as the amount of money you’re willing to lose in a month. If you reach the limit before the month is over, that’s when you know you have to stop betting. Keeping up with this rule will only ensure that you have fun while betting and you can eliminate the stress. If you are a high roller, you must definitely check Skype Betting via a betting agent.

Tips for your betting success

Rule #3: Bet on what you know 

If you take football betting, be sure to set your eyes on a team or a league you have at least some knowledge about. Even if you do your research properly, you have to make sure there’s enough information to make an accurate prediction. It’s never wise to try out sports and events you have zero knowledge about, it WILL hurt you in the long run.

Tips for your betting success

Rule #4: Take advantage of bonuses 

Bookmakers offer huge bonuses upon opening an account. Be sure to shop around for the best offers, because some sites can even double the amount of money you put in your bankroll when you open an account. Imagine all the amazing bets you could place with that amount of money. You can go and check Asian bookmakers reviews via betting agent to find which bookie provides the best odds in the market.

Tips for your betting success

Rule #5: Be patient 

Sometimes, you might find yourself in the situation where you don’t find an event that you want to bet on. If this happens, step away and enjoy your day out, because it’s always better to wait a little for a better offer; bookmakers have bad days too, did you know?

Tips for your betting success

Rule #6: Write down everything.

Write down everything while you’re doing your research, it will help you spot future trends, but also make an analysis on your performance as a bettor. In the beginning it might look like a useless task and a waste of time, but remember we’re doing this for a long-term profit.

Tips for your betting success

Rule #7: Understand the language 

While doing the research, before placing a bet, it’s highly important to know the terminology. It will make you understand how the betting system works and save you the time you might lose before placing any important bets. Bookmakers tend to use specific language and we don’t want any confusion. Check the following article to get familiarized with the betting terminology.

Tips for your betting success

Rule #8: Check on your bets 

Always keep track of the bets you’ve placed, especially if you’ve placed them a few days before the events take place. Everyone knows bookmakers like to change their odds once new information becomes available and you might find yourself in the situation of finding a new element of the bet that you don’t particularly like and that it makes you feel uncomfortable.

Tips for your betting success

Rule #9: Keep it simple 

Always bet the same amount of money if you bet on several events, even if you’re sure about the outcome of one of the games. Some may argue, but sometimes even your favorite team can make a mistake that will make them lose the game and if you bet different amounts of money, you might find yourself with big loses right from the start.

Tips for your betting success

Rule #10: Take back profits 

Like we mentioned in the beginning, if you make a schedule for yourself, stick to it no matter what. Some players withdraw their money at the end of each week, some twice a month, others at the beginning of each month. You have to do only what is best for you. If you set yourself a weekly schedule, pay out your winnings every Sunday or whatever day of the week you want. In any case, check our section about the best deposit options for betting as it may help you to find the most suitable one for you.

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