Ajjacio – Lille [Recap]

Just as I’ve predicted, the match that took place on the 23rd of February between the football teams Ajjacio and Lille ended in a comfortable 3-1 Lille’s victory. This also means that I’ve won the bet I placed on Lille’s win.
Unfortunately for Ajaccio, who were unbeaten in 2013 before this match, the team found themselves in an awkward situation when Lucas Digne got a red card due to a bad foul on Mathieu Chalrne, and the visitors were reduced to 10 players.

Lille took the lead in the 38th minute, after Yoann Poulard scored the first goal of the match. Midway through the second half, Dimitri Payet from Lille added the second goal for his team. In fact, the goal was concretized in an amazing header from close range. After the second goal, scored in the 67th minute, Payet added another one in the 74th minute.

Three minutes later, in the 77th minute, Chakhir Belghazouani scored the first goal for Ajaccio. Unfortunately, it appeared to be just a consolation for the team, or better said “the goal of honour”.

All in all, it seems that a victory of Lille over Ajaccio was simply unavoidable, and that was augmented by a series of mistakes and some bad luck of Ajaccio.

Result: +12.1, bet won

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  1. Cheloo February 27, 2013 at 10:36 pm -

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012%E2%80%9313_AC_Ajaccio_season …in case someone wants to learn more about the most recent performances of Ajaccio..so indeed, they weren’t very inspired in the match with Lille, but I’m sure they could have done better..I just think the pressure was overwhealming

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